Drag and drop instrument tracks from MEDIA explorer

My suggestion is the following.

It would be nice that you could store your instrument track with its settings (including sends, expression maps, etc.) as a file in a folder of your choice. Then, you could open the media explorer (or any explorer outside Cubase) and drag and drop that track to your project.

In 10.5.2 you can do this with Audio.

Of course, the other way around such be implemented: To convert a track to track file just drag and dropping it from Cubase to the media explorer.

I know there are presets, but they don’t work well. First you have to find them, which is not as easy as it seems (they are a bit hidden) and then, every time you select a preset (just click on it) it loads to memory, slowing your speed. It’s not very convenient.

The solution of having everything in the media as common files is better in my opinion. Much simpler than the different presets. They are basically the same, but the track files would be faster to find.

This will be useful to work with orchestral stuff. Instead of having a 1000 disabled and hidden track template, you have your files in the Media explorer. Then, you choose what ones you need for your project from the media. If you are trying different ones, you can have both and then hide and disable the ones you’re not going to use. Or you can disable a file if you used it to render-in place something.

I think Studio One 5 works like that. Reaper also does something very similar.

I personally save my Instrument tracks to a specific folder which I have linked to my MediaBay.

That way, I open up my Media Bay, click on “Track Presets” and simply drag the Instrument Track that I want into my project.

Is that what you’re trying to do?

Yes, and I tried but it crashed. Maybe I did it wrong.

So you use … export tracks? How do you do the presets thing? :slight_smile:

Once I’m happy with the instrument track, I simply right click on that track and hit “save track as preset”. I can then save it as a preset in the in-built browser.

After that, I right click again, hit “load track preset” but rather than loading it, I right click on the preset in the browser and click “show in file explorer”.

From the file explorer I simply copy the preset file and save it to a specific folder on my hard drive.

I then add that specific folder to be scanned in my Media Bay so in future I can press F5 (open mediabay), select the Track Presets folder and drag and drop whichever track I want into my project

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