Drag and drop midi always creates new tracks

Something I do quite often as I’m writing a new song is to fire up EZKeys or Superior Drummer 3, find some midi parts I like, and then compose the song in Cubase 12. For example, I have an instrument track for SD3 with several lanes open. When I find a midi groove I like, I’ll drag it from SD3 into Cubase, specifically into a lane of the SD3 instrument track.

I expect and want the clip to drop right in the lane on the existing track, but Cubase always imports it into a new track, and then I have to drag the part up into the existing track/lane and then delete the track Cubase created for the import.

This is really annoying. I can’t figure out how to get Cubase to just drop the clip exactly where I want it, which is right in the lane on the existing track, rather than create a new track.

Is this just the way Cubase works or is there some setting that controls this behavior?

Oh, and then when I do drag the clip up into the original track, it always drops it on lane 1 instead of lane 2 which is what I select. Then I have to drag the clip down into lane 2 again every time.

I would love to know an answer to this as well. This is the only reference I could find… @Martin.Jirsak , Have you ever encountered this?


This depends, how does the VSTi provide the MIDI data.

Some VSTis provide just the MIDI Notes (plus MIDI CCs, maybe). If this is the data the VSTi provifes, Cubase places the MIDI Part to the track, where you drop it.

Some other VSTis provide the MIDI Notes, but also the system MIDI Track, which contains the tempo, the Time Signature and maybe some more system data. If this is the case, then this system MIDI Track ends up on the dropped track (but you don’t see the data, because they are overwritten by Cubase’s system data). And the other track with the MIDI Notes is placed 1 track bellow (so Cubase creates a new track, if there is no other track bellow).

So it’s on the VSTi side, how it provides the data.

I can confirm.

Wow. Thats a lot to take in lol. Can confirm the drag up auto assigning to lane 1 making you have to manually drop it down again.

It is a lot to take in. I’m not at all sure what Superior Drummer 3 does or how or if that is configurable. It sure is annoying. I’m having lots of other problems with Cubase Pro 13 so I haven’t been able to test that combination yet to see if it still acts the same.

Really hope this is a bug that they fix and not a built in “feature”

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