Drag and drop midi always creates new tracks

Something I do quite often as I’m writing a new song is to fire up EZKeys or Superior Drummer 3, find some midi parts I like, and then compose the song in Cubase 12. For example, I have an instrument track for SD3 with several lanes open. When I find a midi groove I like, I’ll drag it from SD3 into Cubase, specifically into a lane of the SD3 instrument track.

I expect and want the clip to drop right in the lane on the existing track, but Cubase always imports it into a new track, and then I have to drag the part up into the existing track/lane and then delete the track Cubase created for the import.

This is really annoying. I can’t figure out how to get Cubase to just drop the clip exactly where I want it, which is right in the lane on the existing track, rather than create a new track.

Is this just the way Cubase works or is there some setting that controls this behavior?

Oh, and then when I do drag the clip up into the original track, it always drops it on lane 1 instead of lane 2 which is what I select. Then I have to drag the clip down into lane 2 again every time.