Drag and Drop midi stress

Greetings, big brains. Question here:

Since upgrading computers/ software, everything seems to be working great, BUT - when using Toontrack Superior Drummer, or Stylus RMX or any other instrument that can drag and drop midi, Nuendo insists on creating a new midi track for every file I drag over, bypassing the intended track I’m dragging to.

I’ve tried nearly everything under Preferences> Midi file Import options and I can’t seem to disable this. Any help would buy you some good karma, and a beer if you’re ever in my neck of the woods! (Calgary, Canada)

Thanks in advance!

Hm … my test (on Windows PC), Addictive Drums create additional Miditracks too, NI Studio Drummer not. Plugin releated maybe?

If you track and drop to the track that is in linear time Stylus RMX makes a new track so the track has to be in musical time.

Yup, that did it, Kepa. Thanks!

Long way to collect my beer.
(from Helsinki)