Drag and drop midi tracks from Superior Drummer 3 to Cubase

I use Superior Drummer 3 and often use the midi grooves within the plugin as a starting point for creating drum tracks. Ultimately I would like to drag and drop these midi tracks hosted within SD3 to their own dedicated midi tracks in Cubase, however, the issue becomes matching up the SD3 midi notes with the notes in a custom drum map so that the instrument mapping remains the same. Are there any recommendations for the best way to achieve this? When dragging and dropping midi tracks into Cubase, is the “I-Note” feature used when a drum map is selected to remap the midi import? The only way I can think to do this is to use the I-Note feature to match up the notes assigned to grooves in Cubase but I’m not sure if this feature gets used during the import process. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.