Drag and drop no longer works for me.

I am not sure why but I can no longer drag and drop audio or midi parts into my project.

I have checked that “Import dropped as a Single Part” in preferences Midi-Midi File is ticked.

I have spent a while pondering this issue and have come up with a blank. Any help anyone can give would be appreciated as importing midi files is a pain.

Turn off running Cubase as administrator


Thanks for your reply.

I did not think I was running Cubase as Administrator. I’m damned if I can remember how to check that.

If I open from the desktop icon I have two options. Open or Run as Administrator. When I choose open I can’t drag and drop.


Right click and choose properties then on the shortcut tab hit advanced and make sure run as administrator is unticked.

As I suspected Run as Administrator is unticked.

Now I am intrigued as to why I can’t drag and drop?

There always seem to be some people on W8 who couldn’t get it working (not only with Cubase but other programs too).

There is a workaround that involves disabling UAC in the registry but obviously this is not safe if you’re online. Another option is to use a third party file explorer for your audio file browsing and run that as admin.

You know I suspected some bad news right from the beginning of this post. However it was working so why did it stop. I think it was the last update that did it. Another small Cubase irritation!