Drag and Drop not working in 'run as administrator' mode

Drag and Drop not working in ‘run as administrator’ mode but Omnisphere works fine.
If using cubase in “non-administrative” mode, drag-and-drop works but Omnisphere is extremely slow, and cubase crashes much more often.

Is there a fix coming to enable drag and drop in administrator mode ?

I don’t know if a fix is coming but I have similar problems (for example, at start the program hangs a lot on “Initializing: Studio Manager” when I don’t run Cubase as administrator).

When running as administrator, to enable drag ‘n’ drop from file explorer you must run file explorer as administrator too.
I use a tricky workaround to always run file explorer as administrator. Here how you can do it. The example is about the game Fortnite, you must replace the example’s Fortnite with the file Explorer.exe app in c:\Windows

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Thank you so much. I’ll try that