Drag and drop problem EZdrummer Cubase elements 7

Hi i just got this problem:

When running ezdrummer, it all works fine.
However i just cant drag and drop the grooves to the
track… I CAN click on a groove, and even move it over to the track (now there is a little “+” ) But when i “drop” it,
it just doesn’t add the drumgroove to the track. There are no fail messages or sounds…just nothing happens and there are also no “midi notes” added to the track.

Anyone please help, because i really got stuck on this.

Thanks in advance!

Could use a bit more info for EZ version & system specs but… a couple of rudimentary things to check:

1st… hopefully you just closed and restarted CB & EZD and the problem resolved. But… if not:

  • Are you dropping these to a midi track or instrument track? I usually use an instrument track.
  • Is EZD set to export the midi instruments to their own separate track? Maybe you just can’t see that track because it may be hidden?
  • Is the track frozen or locked?

So a couple of ideas until you can give a few more specifics.

Also, please let us know if this problem is resolved and how you resolved it.

Regards :sunglasses: