Drag and drop track from pool not working

Hello folks,

I updated my Cubase 8 to 8.5.10 and I cannot benefit from the new function “import track and drag and drop it anywhere in the project window”.
This function works with the mediabay but it does not work with the media pool.

When I drag an audiotrack from the media pool I can just place it at the bottom of the project window after the last track in use as usual with Cubase 8.
This happens on Win7, 64bit.

Is there a workaround?


Do you mean drag-and-drop the event from MediaBay or Pool?

This might be because you’re running cubase as admin if you’re on a windows machine… i get this issue when i do… if you are running in admin mode try running it without…
This has been known about for some time now.

And it works from MediaBay only. So if you try to drag-and-drop it from Pool, you cannot Add a new track this way.

This should be fixed.
What files do you import in practice? Cubase-intern audios?
I do not think so…

In my experience, the most imported audio files are external audios that you import over the Media Pool.
So here is backlog demand for Steinberg.