Drag and drop track from project to project

At the moment it is possible to drag and drop an event onto a project. It creates the track if needed.
But that would be cool to drag and drop the track (for empty track, for example)


You can already import tracks from the menu:
File>Import>Tracks from Project

I agree though that it would be more intuitive to be able to drag and drop too.

Thanks for the information. Yes I know that function

That should go for more or less any object. A track, a clip, a plugin, a channel.

Nice suggestion !

However, it doesn’t work well (it doesn’t import Expression Maps) and everytime you want to import a track, you have to load the whole project. If you can have it loaded once in the background, it will be much much faster.

I have just written this suggestion, which is not the same but it’s closely related. Save tracks in the media explorer and then the ability to drag and drop (like you do with audio).