Drag and Drop within the VST Instruments Rack to Reorder Instruments

Currently, Cubase lists instantiated plugins in the VST Instrument Rack by the order of instantiation. But it would be much more convenient to have the VST instruments ordered either alphabetically or by the instrument’s listing in the Arranger page track list (which should ideally correspond to the instrument’s position in the mixer view if that feature is ever implemented).

If instantiated VST instruments were sorted alphabetically, this would not need to be done dynamically. There could be an option in the VST Rack to “Sort instruments alphabetically.”

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Change this in the VST Plugin Manager. You can set the plug-in collection to be sorted alphabetically.

They are talking about the F11 Instrument Rack, not the collection list.

@Music_Maven , small tip if you are wanting to do some re-ordering… If you disable Instrument Tracks and then re-enable, it will be put to the bottom of the F11 Instrument Rack… so you can effectively re-order this way.

But I agree with your suggestion, just giving a workaround.

I think you are misunderstanding me. I don’t want to sort the list of available plugins alphabetically. I want to sort the list of instantiated plugins alphabetically.


Sorry, I got it.

I just realized there is a better way to implement this feature than I originally described. Rather than have a command to “Sort Instruments Alphabetically” within the VST Instruments Rack (F11) just let users manually drag VST instrument up and down in the list (by grabbing their left-side “handle” where the instrument number is currently displayed) to create whatever order users want. As a nice to have, it would be cool if you could shift-select and ctrl/cmd-select a group of rack instruments to move them into a new location within the rack without having to move each instrument individually.

This feature would allow users to group all their drum instruments in one section of the rack, all their orchestral instruments in another section of the rack and so forth.

Hope this makes sense!

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