Drag automation point over another automation point

Hi Cubase afficionados,

I am in the midst of a testing phase, diving into Cubase. So I have a question regarding automation points. It is not possible to grab an automation point and drag it over the next automation point horizontally. In Logic if you grab the point and hold SHIFT, it is possible to drag over the next automation point. In Cubase I didn’t have any luck achieving this, trying out several modifier (CTRL, OPT, CMD, Shift) combinations.

Is there a way to do this? Thanks for shedding some light on this issue. Best,

Not that I know of, although I am unsure of what advantage this would give

It’s just a convenient way to insert automation. If you recorded a lot of automation, but in the end just want e.g. a ramp at a certain position, the way it is in Cubase you first have to delete the data you don’t want clicking on single points and delete them or rubberbanding them and deleting them. If you could “overdrag” unwanted automation points, that would be much quicker. There are definitely other workflows (Just painting the automation), but that’s how I did it in Logic. I guess it’s a simple thing to program, but can be a timesaver.