Drag-copy MIDI Parts, can they inherit track color?

When I drag-copy a MIDI Part in the event window from one track to a new track, the MIDI Part retains the original track’s color, and I have to manually set the Part to default color to impose the destination track’s color.

Is there a setting somewhere so that the MIDI Part will automatically will inherit the destination track’s color after drag-copy?


Never ye mind. Seems to be working now. Not sure why it wasn’t a moment ago.


I noticed the same thing yesterday. I was almost sure (but not quite) that moving a MIDI part changed the color to the track color. Will check and see if it does today when I get to the DAW.

Just tested, on Cubase 7.01 , mac OSX 10.8.2.

No color issues for me ;
The moved part gets the track color from where it is moved to.
Tested on audio tracks and midi tracks.


When I checked today it was normal, but yesterday it wasn’t. Perhaps a calendar based bug, or a horoscope problem? :stuck_out_tongue: