Drag-copy to new lane... fixed in latest C6.5 version?

Quick question… I’m still on 6.5.0, and I’m wondering about a bug that happens while editing a track that’s group-edited to one or more others:

When I try to drag-copy an audio event to a different lane of the same track, it doesn’t work. I can drag-copy to a new location on the SAME lane, just not to a different one.

However, this problem ONLY occurs if just one of the group-edit tracks is showing its lanes (the others are collapsed). So if I click “Show Lanes” on the other group-edited tracks too, I can then correctly drag-copy to any other lane (again, on the same track - which is what I’m trying to do here).

Minor bug, but annoying. I’m assuming this is fixed - seem to recall someone mentioning it was - but I can’t find that thread when I search. Otherwise, C6.5.0 has been quite stable for me these many months… however, after using this workaround countless times (and pretending it doesn’t bother me :slight_smile:) I’m finally ready to upgrade.


(Edited: added detail for clarity in bold )

I thought I’d have that problem too.
Well, drag&drop doesn’t work. You have to copy
the file, choose any lane track on any track and paste it there.
It will be as usual inserted at the song position line.

Thanks for the quick response… some questions though, as I’m not sure I understand what you’re explaining.

Are you using the latest Cubase version (6.5.3)? And drag-copying doesn’t work at all anymore? If so, that’s really weird - but I’m guessing I’m misunderstanding your reply.

In Cubase 6.5.0, drag-copying an audio event definitely works. No problem. You just can’t drag-copy to a different lane while group editing multiple tracks UNLESS the other tracks are also showing their lanes onscreen. What I’m trying to figure out is - has this been fixed in C6.5.3?


Sorry, I forgot. No it’s still 6.5.2 running here.
Have you reported that bug? Thanks for the info.
I also need this quite a lot.

No I haven’t reported this bug… I think it’s old news? Hopefully someone soon can confirm that this one has been fixed in 6.5.3.

Bumping this post from last weekend… can someone try this out in 6.5.3? Does it work?

If not, I’ll create an official bug report.

However, this problem ONLY occurs if just one of the group-edit tracks is showing its lanes (the others are collapsed). So if I click “Show Lanes” on > (one of?) > the other group-edited tracks too, I can then correctly drag-copy to any other lane.

So you can’t move anything from track to track if any of the lanes aren’t showing or just “laned” tracks?
Have you trawled the manual on it just in case you missed some small detail that was fairly innocuous and/or obscure?

One thing that crosses my mind is that in normal circumstances it would seem that when designing a Group track one would then expect that in most circumstances that it would not need to be moved. And that if any copying needed to be done than it would be into the group and not out?
That’s just a thought on the way it could be. If it is there’s usually a small mention in manual notes about ungrouping before a move or maybe it’s noted in Version Histories or Workarounds.
So if they can’t fix it quick and these notes etc don’t exist then maybe they should exist or it be changed.

What happens if you hold down CTRL or shift keys while moving?

To clarify: I’m trying to drag-copy an audio event to a new lane on the same track. This of course works fine if the track in question doesn’t have Group Edit on. When Group Edit is active, it doesn’t work unless I have “Show Lanes” enabled on the other associated Group Edit tracks in the containing folder.

Edited the original post to make that clear.

Bumping this post.

Can someone try this? Still looking for verification this is fixed (or still broken).

I’ve been annoyed by this once or twice, but not really seen it as a bug but rather a missing feature. Cubase just does not make any distinction between a lane and a track so everythin is moved according to what’s visible. I move around this by binding a key command to expand/collapse lanes and select all tracks in a group folder before doing the copying. This doesn’t happen often though since i usually comp and delete overlaps first and copy sections after that with lanes collapsed.


THink I found the answer, If Im understanding the post correctly!

I’m running 6.5.3 and I was Just now trying every combination imaginable, :confused:

Where I’m used to ‘CTRL-CLICK-DRAGGING’ to copy an ‘event’ in other programs
…when I tried ‘ALT-CLICK-DRAGGING’ and it copied my event with no problems.

Hope this helps :sunglasses: