drag & drop from explorer - why not?

Guys… really… it’s so simple to have that feature, but why it doesn’t work? updated to 9.5 updated all that nov win 10 staff - please… that’s a real crap… why can’t I drop wave or whatever file from explorer window!!! we had that issue like 1 year ago but once again!!! please… don’t let me go forever Logic… i love Cub staff and i’d stick up to it…

That’s not a Cubase issue.


You’ll have to set User Account Control (UAC) to the lowest level using the Windows control panel.

You can definitely do this in C9.5.

Are you running Cubase in Administrator mode? That would be the problem.

Yes i’m in admin mode, running the lowest level of UAC ((((( everything else works, let’s say melodyne… that was always Cubase issue to be too much sensitive on Win platform to some mystical problems with drag & drop.