Drag & Drop issue when running Cubase as admin in Win 10

I’m pretty sure this is a well known issue, and the fix is to not run the program as admin, however, for me at least this causes more problems than it solves. I need to run as admin to be able to use some of my favourite older plugins that are 32 bit, using jBridger. This requires me to run cubase as admin for jBridger to work, otherwise I don’t think Windows gives some of it’s functions permission to run and this causes the plugins not to work.
If there was a way to continue to use drag and drop while running Cubase 10 as admin that would be awesome, I use this function a lot for sound effects design, dragging various recordings of mine into the project as I need them.


no, not possible to use drag-and-drop when running as admin - this is not the only problem, to run Cubase as administrator is not recommended for both stability and security.

The current version of jBridge does not require to run Cubase as administrator, should be version 1.75, if I remember correctly.


On the other hand, if you don’t run as an administrator, you can’t save Halion 6 or Groove Agent patches … What can be done to make both things work in Window 10?

Would be great if Steinberg could answer this pls?

Is it fixed in cubase 11?

Found the fix. You’ll need to manually change the “write permissions” in all of the jBridge folders.

/Program Files/VSTFILES/Jbridge VST (or wherever you installed the new JBridged files)

Google how to “how to change write permissions in windows 10”

You can now run Cubase without running as admin, and the JBridge files/folders will have permissions.

Thanks so much, it’s been a long time but this will actually still be useful for me so cheers!

When I don’t run Cubase as administrator, it hangs a lot on “Initializing: Studio Manager” .

When running as administrator, to enable drag ‘n’ drop from file explorer you must run file explorer as administrator too.
I use a tricky workaround to always run file explorer as administrator. Here how you can do it. The example is about the game Fortnite, you must replace the example’s Fortnite with the file Explorer.exe app in c:\Windows