Drag´n´Drop Audio-Files out of Cubase into Folder/Desktop

I´m using Cubase on Windows 8.1. It is not possible to that on this Operation System. Don´t know, if on Macintosh or Windows Home 10 it is the same.

What version and build of Cubase 9 do you have installed (Help, About)? Are you dragging and dropping to an empty area in the Project window? Can you please post a screen shot of what you are seeing?

Cubase Pro 9

I just want to make, that i directly can drag the processed real new Audio-Sample(s) i´ve made in Cubase earlier, to the Desktop of Windows or any Folder i got on the Desktop for example from the Project-Window or even the Pool, out of Cubase and drop it in it/that.

Currently this isn´t possible, when i drag processed Samples, to the Desktop or elsewhere in any folder.

what i mean is a quicker and more intuitive Quick Rendering form from Cubase out of it.

Please go to Help, then choose About. What version and build of Cubase 9 do you have installed (9.0.0, 9.4.2, etc)?

With regard exporting from Cubase, I would suggest using File, Export, Audio Mixdown, with Channel Batch Export. Or you could use Bounce Audio to create new versions on the drive. There is not an option to drag and drop from Cubase because Cubase is a non-destructive edit decision list so the audio file that is being referenced is not actually being changed when you adjust the start, end, fades, add insert fx, etc.

First, Thanks for your Attention Chris!

I really appreciate this!

Yes, i know the things/Options we got with the basic Mixdown-Techniques, and even Channel Batch Export. Thanks for this.
But my suggestion or better said wish is that i would really have a method to just flow the Rendering Methods for Architecture Purposes fastly and for that more efficently.

I really would like or better said love to have a method to Rendering new Files fastly to my desktop or any folder, even by a less complex Rendering Procession, i mean it doesn´t need to have informations in the metadata, for this i would really use than the normal Export-Options within the Audio-Export-Dialogue.

It would just make the producing and creative process a lot more easier, if we could have the chance to directly drop out the processed and edited file(s) as like it does, with the import drag´n´drop from the desktop or folder into Cubase.

It´s just a wish, would increase the creative Collection of Audio-Samples.

Thanks for Listen.

i like it too and it makes much sence

Thanks for the suggestion! I can certainly understand where it would be desirable.

Since it is already available for Cubase users running under MAC OS (02:36 of the video)
I don’t see why Windows Users should be deprived of this functionality.

Danny Dep…but that dosnt function on mac´s desktop…or do i miss something?

Well, what’s going on? This is basic functionality. Why can’t I drag a file onto desktop? The original post is 3 years old.