Drag notes amp and down on a single part

Hi all, I am a beginning Dorico user …and a professional musician. I am trying to create a lead sheet. I have what to me seems to be the simplest question but I cannot figure this out. I am writing a bass part out - I wanted to take 4 bars and raise it a perfect fourth. I thought that I could just drag the notes up but they will not go.I found the octave raise and lower [option/command/arrow up or down] but I want to be able to just select a couple of bars or individual notes … and drag them up or down. Can this be done? Thanks

At the present time, you can’t drag notes up and down with the mouse in Write mode. You can use Alt+up/down arrow, or you can type Shift+I for the intervals popover and type “t4” into the popover to transpose up by a perfect fourth.

You can drag notes up and down with the mouse in the piano roll editor in Play mode.

I love the Intervals popover! When I used the Alt+up/down arrow it did not include the flats. I’m going from an Ab B to a Db E and when I dragged it up, everything was naturalized. Does that make sense? I am in the key of Bb

When you move notes with Alt+up/down, you move them by diatonic steps, i.e. to the next scale degree in that direction, which isn’t the same as a transposition by a fixed interval, which you can do with the Shift+I popover or the Write > Transpose dialog.

Okay - good to know. By the way, how do I use the Shift Interval and go down instead of up by a perfect fourth?

Type “t-4” into the Shift+I popover.

alt+shift+up/down still alter pitches chromatically…

Hello Daniel
Is the note drag up/down in write mode with the mouse in the plans any time soon ?
(along with the alt and alt+shift modifiers to allow more control)

thanks for any info you may give.

It’s not something we’re planning to work on imminently, no, but it is something that we expect to be added to the software as an option in due course.