Dragging all events to the right, left

This is probably more suited to things like voice over editing than music, though it has music possibilities too.

A key command so that when you grab an event with the mouse and move it left/right, all events to the right of that event follow without having to be selected. It is a similar effect to using range and then shift backspace, but allows more fiddling.

An alternate key command would allow all events to the LEFT to follow.

I suppose there could be a little intelligence here so if you grab near the front of the event, everything right follows and if you grab near the end, everything left follows.

As a variation, where you have two events abutted and you can currently grab the join and adjust its position, at a key command, you move the right event (with everything to the right following) and the left event is truncated. The vice-versa also being possible.

There are a couple reasons why this is useful over range editing.

Firstly, this works in both directions.

Secondly, when working with voice over editing, sometimes it is visually nice to grab something and slide it backwards and forwards, using your gut instincts to find the perfect position. A lot of this sort of editing is subjective and the timing variable depending on the words and emphasis.

Of course, this is when I find out that it’s already possible and I just haven’t found it!

Actually there is a quick way to move all parts that are to the right of an event (on the same track).
Hold Shift and double click on the event/part and it will select all parts to its right.

I don’t know if that’s what your looking for, but that’s a pretty easy way. Don’t know about the parts to the left tho!

Not completely, but really useful all the same! Thanks.

It makes me think that what I want could be a variation on that. Apart from moving right, the missing bit is automatically truncating the event to the left that will be overlapped.

One of the biggest problems I have had over the years with Cubase is finding out all these things. And I keep forgetting the ones I rarely use too! :slight_smile: