Dragging audio files to altiverb 7 to create an IR (windows 11)

I’m trying to create my own IR response from a clap that i recorded on set using Altiverb 7, but i can’t seem to be able to drag the audio clip into the plugin from the media bay, and when i open the explorer, the plugin is minimized, so there is nothing to drag onto. Is what I’m looking to do not possible with Nuendo? Do i need to use another DAW simply for creating IRs?

Running Nuendo 12.0.52 build 393.

/David Baker

Welcome to the forum @dBAker . :vulcan_salute:

It’s been a while now since I loaded my own IR into Altiverb. But if I remember correctly, I dragged it directly from Windows Explorer to the corresponding field in Altiverb. (Minimize Nuendo and keep the plug-in in the foreground at all times. Or drag file to the Nuendo icon in the taskbar and bring Nuendo to the foreground that way).

And this doesn’t work anymore?

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Thank you MAS, dragging onto the Nuendo icon in the taskbar worked.
The problem i was having was that i could not keep the plug-ins in the foreground, they got minimized as soon as i opened the explorer. But the above solution worked around that.

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Glad I could help. :+1:
You can set up Nuendo so that plug-ins are always “on top”. (At the bottom of the linked page.) Maybe that will make things easier next time.

Weirdly enough that setting is already checked for me, so don’t know why it isn’t working on my system.

In Windows, you can navigate through the open windows with ALT+Tab. If the Nuendo window is minimised, you should be able to bring the plug-in window to the front using this key combination. But I have never tried this.
Nuendo is a bit peculiar with its windows anyway, as the Main Bar and the Project window are sometimes separate entities. :grinning:

For me alt+tab only works for windows such as the “field recorder audio import” window. Most other windows including plug-ins are connected to the main project window in some way and does not have its own window in the windows alt+tab menu.

Dragging onto the Nuendo icon in the taskbar works fine enough, though it would be nice to just be able to drag directly. I only lose like 0.1 seconds. :slight_smile:

I was hoping there might be an alternative. Unfortunately, dragging the file onto the program icon doesn’t always work. (For example, not if you start the program with admin rights.)
The main thing is that it worked for you. Everyone else will have to improvise. :wink:

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