Dragging files from File Browser to Montage-Annoyance

When dragging files from the Filebrowser tool window to the montage, the files are always added in alphabetical order unless they are manually sequenced in the [Insert Audio Files] dialog.

I work on most of my projects in album sequence, and I’ve only had one or two projects in my life with alphabetically ordered tracks (usually a client error). It would be much more useful to be able to sort the Filebrowser tool window by time created, select all, and have the audio files inserted into the montage from oldest to newest. I think older versions of Wavelab used to allow this.

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But sometimes, users have names already sorted such as:
“01 …”
“02 …”
“03 …”

hence alphabetical order is a good default.

I don’t think an older version of WaveLab did that. But in the past, there was simply not sort at all.