Dragging groove agent 5 patterns

Hello, I have groove agent 5 and of course the Se is integrated into Dorico and my question is, dragging patterns on the groove track only works on SE, why can’t I drag Cuban percussion patterns in Dorico?

No matter what (integrated or not) if you don’t have a proper percussion map set to the drum kit, dragging will never give you satisfying results (and I experienced very good transfers in Dorico 4 with Superior Drummer 3 grooves, which are at least as complicated as Groove Agent’s.
So first things first, make sure you have a good percussion map set to your drum track :wink:

ok i will try with superior drummer

Ok. But do you have a proper SD3 percussion map? Well, I might have shared mine on this forum :rofl:

I would really appreciate it because I have the driver art but I don’t see it there

Which library do you use, from Superior Drummer?

I have core

By the way, as I know that you are a prominent defender of Noteperformer, I will tell you that I am super happy with the playback. I have BBC pro, Iconica, Vsl and Cinematic and it sounds great to me and allows me to enjoy just writing music without problems

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