Dragging in Setup Mode

Hi all

Really getting under the skin of D. these days, setting a song cycle I’m working on. Importing MXL from Sib. has been almost flawless (a few crashes, but managed to get around them…).
Current there’s only two things I keep stumbling upon.

First one is that I am finding myself trying to drag around the score using middlebutton quite a lot. This does not work in Setup Mode, though, which is odd as middle button doesn’t seem to have any other function.

Second one is that I would find it extremely useful to be able to override the Vertical Spacing settings of the Project on per-flow basis. I know I can drag some things around in engrave, but I like to keep from doing that for as long as possible, letting the settings do their work, but I find this to be a bit annoying as some settings suit one song in the cycle better than another… any chance of this being allow per-flow at some point? Or am I missing something…

Thank you for a wonderful product that with 1.1 officially is my primary app for notation.

Morten, Denmark

Unfortunately at the moment, all mouse interaction with the score in Setup mode is disabled at a pretty low level. We’ll see if we can allow middle-button dragging at some point in the future, but I can’t promise when this will be.

I’m interested to know what vertical spacing settings you find you need to change from flow to flow. Is the instrumentation changing between flows?

As always, thank you for the (extremely) quick respons, Daniel!

As for the spacing, it’s the same instrumentation (simple voice+piano), but especially the spcing between systems (factory default: 10, I think) seems to work better with 7 or 8 for some pieces, and better with 10 on other. This is both based on simple readability and in some cases actually collisions between systems as well (without anything forced).
This should be seen together with vertical justification settings of course, but as these are on per. project base as well, I find myself really having to decide which songs (flows) should be manually adjusted and in which I can depend on the “engine”. I think being able to tinker with these settings for each flow (perhaps still having the project settings and then being able to override per flow if needed), would allow me to avoid any manual dragging.


Having just bought Dorico, I did find it odd that middle-button dragging works in Write mode (except when inputting notes) but not Setup, and that Print mode uses left-button dragging. Some consistency would be welcome.

No mouse interaction is possible in Setup mode at all: even clicking and dragging the score around doesn’t work (though if you have a multi-touch trackpad then you can use two-finger gestures to scroll instead). Print mode uses a standard print preview widget, the manner of mouse interaction with which we cannot easily change. There are alas more pressing things for us to work on than rewriting standard components like the print preview widget simply to ensure that its mouse interaction matches the other modes. I know this means the software isn’t perfectly consistent, but unfortunately we have to take a pragmatic approach to Dorico’s development. Maybe one day there will be nothing else we need to work on more urgently than this, but I don’t see that day arriving for many years…