Dragging loops to progect not matching bpm

hi,when i drag a loop from file browser to project,it does not play in the tempo of my track
for example im dragging loops from a samplemagic sample pack
i have musical mode enabled

Try adding the sample packs via your “media bay” (F5 in Windows) that normally works for me.

It does this when the files don’t have an embedded tempo. In that case when you import them, they are set to the same tempo as the Project, and this is why Musical Mode isn’t working.
You need to open the Pool and make sure the correct tempo of the file is informed. For this you can loop the sample and use the Beat Calculator to find the tempo, then type it in the field.

I think there’s also the option to “right click” the sample in mediabay and “check tempo”. Once done you can drag it into your project at the project tempo. Maybe this has changed in Cubase 12 - I’m still using 7.5 for now.

thanks for replies.
an example of the loop im dragging to cubase is called dth drip 125,which means its 125 bpm
should this not play for me at different tempos?
i drag to track and it only plays at 125 if i change tempo of track the loop takes up less or more than the 2 bars it would take up at 125 bpm
i thought the whole point of musical mode was it would play the loop no probs at different tempos

if you drag the loop to track,along the info line at top there is a musical mode box,click on it and musical mode becomes the legendary job that i knew it was meant to be!

Oh well.

lol, well, yes. :roll_eyes: Track Time Base isn’t Musical Mode.

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Most likely the sample rate of your loop. If sample 48khz and Cubase set to 44.1khz for instance, the loop will not stretch correctly. I had this issue with a bunch of 48khz sample loops I dragged into C12, before realising the samples needed to be at 44.1khz. Been so long since I have encountered the issue it confused me initially.