Dragging Midi pads to Timeline issue

When I drag a loop from a pad to the timeline, I get the midi block with the data. But the hits are playing on keys that are assigned to loops.
Is this normal? I would think it should go to the keys that are assigned individual hits that make up the loop.

Maybe it’s a GA5se error?


this might help…

from GA 5 online manual:
Using Different MIDI Channels/Ports for Instrument Pads and Pattern Pads
By default, instrument and pattern pads share the same MIDI port. If instrument and pattern pads are both assigned and share the same trigger note, the pattern pad always gets priority, therefore, instrument pads that use the same trigger note as a pattern pad cannot be played via the same MIDI port.
In this case, you have two options: You can set up a different MIDI port or a different MIDI channel for the pattern pads.

–> You will find these options below the Pattern pads


Thanks for the help. I did get help and found out that to drag midi to the timeline and play it back properly, the OMNI must be turned on. I had thought it was on because it shows the word “OMNI”. But it wasn’t lit up. Once I did that, the notes changed on the map so that loops don’t play.

Again, thank you for the help.