Dragging Patterns into a Project

For a completely new change of pace, I am learning a Steinberg product (Groove Agent 5) by reading the manual! Well, I’m on page 18 in the section entitled “Dragging Patterns into a Project” and it doesn’t work.

I made a new project in Cubase Pro 10.5. I added Groove Agent as an instrument track and I added a MIDI track. I was messing around with Trigger Notes, so I made an event with some MIDI notes to trigger some patterns and single hits. That is working.

But when I try to select a Groove Agent pad and drag it onto my MIDI track, it shows me the “can’t do” cursor and won’t let me insert the pattern into the track. What is wrong?

Wait! Stop the presses! It’s working all of a sudden. I guess I just needed to post something on the forum before it would work.

The pattern that gets dragged in is kind of messed up, though. It’s not quite the same as pressing the pad in Groove Agent.

Something is really bonkers with this. I’m on the “Editing Patterns in the DAW” section, and I’ve done a “Create Drum Map From Instrument”, but one of the hi-hat sounds is on pad F#0, which is the same pad as the Fill 3 pattern, and the note is being mapped to Fill 3. So that sound is being replaced by Fill 3. I have my MIDI track set the channel 2 and the Kit MIDI Channel in Groove Agent is set to 2.

Ok, I got it. I had to go to page 52 and figure out how to use separate MIDI channels for the patterns and instruments. Then I removed the drum map and recreated and it’s fine now.