Dragging Project Field with Mouse Wheel down

hi, this may be a bug with the new 9.5… I’m having an issue with when grabbing something in the Project Field, holding the mouse wheel, and dragging it to the desired place, it now fights me, and usually it automatically scrolls back to the beginning of the song. Its a new issue that only started occurring with the 9.5 update.


Middle-mouse-click always worked as an option to navigate in the project (to move the project field). Even in Cubase 9, I cannot use this button to move events. And as far as I know, it shouldn’t work like this.

Why do you move events by using middle-click, please?

that’s what I meant, the project field. Sorry for the confusion. Typically when I click the mouse wheel the pointer turns to a grabby hand and I can move the project field left or right. It has always been a smooth operation in the past. But since the upgrade to 9.5. the movement is now jittery, and usually the project field now takes off on its own in some direction. Usually towards the beginning of the project. Thanks for helping clarify my terms

I’m sure this is CAN-11446.

I see, it’s while playback… Thanks!

just as an extra note, for me it happens any time I use the mouse button, meaning playback or static

Same here, I just spent a lot of time googling to find a solution and I believe this is the only thread mentioning the exact problem. I also use this middle-mouse scrolling a lot and can confirm it was working just fine in previous version of Cubase - it only started to “jitter” in 9.5. Happens both in the main project window, as well as any and all editors (midi, audio etc.) and it doesn’t matter if the project is playing or stopped.

One thing I found so far is that when i just click the mid-button (without moving the mouse) it only jumps a little to the left (not more, like to the beginning as you say, in my case at least) and if I keep mid-clicking like that, it will keep jumping back to a certain point, after which it doesn’t jump anymore. So I’m guessing it’s trying to center onto something, but what’s the purpose of that and how do we turn it off to just scroll/move freely as before? No idea.

If anyone finds a solution, please do reply as it’s driving me crazy :wink: Thanks!

I don’t know if it’s related, but my Kensington track ball has four buttons. Two of them can be programmed so that when they’re pressed together they produce a middle click. After I press the 2 keys though, I have to release one, and then keep the left mouse button pressed in order to drag the area. Maybe something like that would work for this case.

works here - no problems :confused:

gamelany, what kind of mouse wheel are you using? and what kind of video card ?

mouse: logitech M705 (7 buttons)
graphic: onboard Intel HD graphics 4600

I just checked this out and was able to reproduce it, in a full project, but it was intermittent. In a new empty project I could not repro it. But it follows the bug report. It didn’t matter if playback was stopped or not, here.

AHA! I had the problem of middle-click-drag “fighting me” too. (on my Logitech performance MX mouse). Then I realised what was causing the problem: TILTING the mousewheel does horizontal scroll. So I need to carefully middle-mouse-click straight down, without leaning it left or right., if I want to drag. … Or use the tilt-wheel feature to scroll … Or, best of all, use shift-mousewheel to horizontal scroll. I hope this helps someone.