Dragging samples to pads in Groove Agent

I’m having an issue dragging and dropping samples into pads in Groove Agent SE. It might be a GUI issue.

I’m using Cubase 11 Pro with Groove Agent SE 5.0.50

When I drag a sample from the media rack in the right zone, the sample won’t insert into the pad I hover my cursor over. Instead, it either inserts into the pad above or won’t insert at all. The effect of this issue is I can’t assign any samples to the pads in the bottom row at all.

Is this a bug, a GUI issue or something else entirely?

(I can’t now find a way of inserting a screenshot.)


If I’m not mistaken, you have to import the Audio file to the project first. Then you can import it to the Groove Agent SE from the project.

Hi Martin - thanks for this and sorry to reply late. I will try this method. (But I can already drag and drop some samples from the right zone - maybe your method will be more reliable). Thanks again for responding - much appreciated.


Actually it seems I was wrong. It is possible to drag and drop from the MediaBay directly to the Groove Agent’s Pads. So the question is, why it doesn’t work sometimes (to you).

Is it related to a specific audio file(s)? Which sample(s) exactly are these? Maybe the files are in unsupported format…?

I was trying to load a set of Oberheim DMX samples from Reverb into a kit. Some of the samples drag and drop fine although not into the pad my cursor is aiming for. This is what makes me think it’s a graphics issue not a sample issue. It’s as though the cursor isn’t “seeing” the pad correctly.

It’s not the end of the world as I can use the samples in a different way I guess. But I quite liked the idea of reconstituting New Order’s drum machine!


Could you please make video screen recording?

Posting a screenshot for now - will try video later…

  1. You can see one of the pads is highlighted (in bold).
  2. You can’t see my actual cursor as it’s a screenshot.
  3. At the time the pic was taken, my cursor was hovering over the pad directly below the pad which is highlighted.
  4. So, allowing for the offset, I can drag and drop samples from the right zone into pads by “aiming” for a different pad. But I’m sure this is not how it’s supposed to work (and FWIW I can’t drag and drop into the lowest row of pads anyway).
    (5. I can try post a video if that would be more useful.)