Drat. Still getting GUI lag on Mac in some areas.

I haven’t tried a brand new project yet, but existing projects that use video with thumbnails have zoom lag in C9.5. The mixer zooming and scrolling is just as painful as it was in 9, and also scrolling through tracks in the project window is a a bit jerky. I spoke too soon before, hadn’t really put it through its paces yet.

Some things are improved, like zooming in and out in the project window, which is awesome, and it feels a touch snappier overall…but there is still major work to do. I trust (hope) that they’re on it. I’m feeling exasperated.

Yeah I noticed this as well on 10.11.6 , tried it on 10.9.5 and the problem doesn’t exist at all - ridiculously responsive. Not great news but worth it to try on a partition if you can, if you swap the videoengine component from 9.0.2 then you can use “Replace Audio in Video File” as well. And that videoengine component may also help the lag.

Aw man, I run Pro Tools and other stuff that runs so smoothly on 10.12.6…I’m not gonna go back in time, it shouldn’t have to be that way. I guess it isn’t truly fixed, only in a couple areas/ways. Man I really hope they’re still trying to fix it. No one should have to run an OS that’s four generations older just to run one program that’s supposed to be cutting edge.