Draw CC automation for multiple selected MIDI tracks


Just posting in the suggestions forum something I think I’ve found isn’t possible in the current iterations.

It’d help quite a bit to be able to draw parabolas in CC automation lanes all at once. It’s very often that a section of instruments I’m writing for will need the same dynamics curves, but as of now it takes a lot of clicks and copy-pastes to maintain automation across MIDI segments.

Let me know if this is possible right now if so, but neither of these two methods in the documentation seem to do what I’m looking for:

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You can’t do this unfortunately. But it would save eons of time when scoring – I highly approve of having this.

yeah, feeling this one again. i think its pretty bizarre it doesnt work this way already ? feel like anyone who uses libraries that use cc/modwheel would find this invaluable

Anyone who orchestrates wants this.

For workaround, I use shared copy of “CC Only MIDI Part” or MIDI Send from “CC Only MIDI Track”.



As suntower said, for anyone who scores/orchestrates this would be a very significant improvement.

yo, brilliant, i’m gonna try this, thanks for the tip

still much more work than it has to be (maintaining multiple lanes on 5 strings tracks for example is also Quite A Lot) so definitely would like to see this in future Cubase

Can you clarify what you mean by this? I’d like to do it as a workaround at least, since this issue is significant for me.

i think he means he has two lanes for each instrument in a section - one for the notes, and one for cc automation. the notes lanes belong only to their own instrument, but the automation lanes are copied to the rest of the instruments in the section using ctrl+alt+shift drag

I mostly use MIDI Send.
CC Data can control multiple synths
More channels (with Transformer)
Filter out channels (with Transformer)
More control targets (with Shared Copy)

oh man, that’s awesome. thanks for such a thorough explanation, i’ll try it next week & let you know how it’s working out


Yes, this would be a welcome addition. As already said, highly useful for orchestration work.


Included in the feature request poll, so vote up.

Synchronisation of editing cc data between multiple vsti/midi tracks

YES, I agree with your idea.

This might answer several questions in this thread: