Draw lines between voices ?

How can I draw lines between voices as indication to follow music phrase ?


See attached picture.
Lignes voix.png

There’s no good solution for this at the moment, but an acceptable workaround for this might be to use a glissando line (from the Ornaments panel) with its text switched off (via Properties).

Daniel, thank you,
I have found that «tweaking» a slur is not so bad too !

Dorico is a great tool !!!

Similar problem: I need to draw a horizontal line with an arrow-head (right), so the violinist changes from s.p. to s.t.
How is this to be done? And is it possible to define my own expressions as a composer? Every time I use Shift-P and type in my own expressions, nothing happens. Can’t I start my own library like I am able to do in Finale?

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There aren’t any arrows in Dorico yet - a workaround is to copy these SMuFL arrowhead fonts, here:

And paste them in as text with shift-X. To make the arrow’s line, I use the underscore character.

I have used this trick many times with completely satisfactory results. And if you are glissing between open chords, and want the lines to anchor higher or lower, you can even add fake notes, make them invisible and link the gliss to those notes so the line will anchor where you want it.

I think I have a good idea to draw arrows at any rotation. You can create a gliss. line and and a tiny diminuendo at the tip of the gliss. line. In my opinion It looks very well and can be rotated at any angle (the arrow tip can also be adjusted to more or less open widening the diminuendo shape). I hope it helps!

Has the voice line issue been solved yet?

No, there’s no way to draw lines between voices at present except for misusing glissando lines.

If you’re asking about line drawing tools, no. No native lines yet.

No lines or arrows yet? This is unfortunate…

Coming in version 3, which is due to arrive soon!

Wooow, awesome – thanks for you dropping a line! :wink:

To be clear, the lines and arrows are specifically connected to playing techniques to show their duration and transition from one technique to another. There is not going to be a tool for creating lines of any old kind in this release, but it’s something that we will certainly be looking to add in the near future.

How do you know? I couldn’t remember reading this anywhere on the forum?

History suggests that at the point that Daniel starts explicitly stating things about how things are going to work in the next version, the next version’s getting close to release.

Kremlinology. :wink:

Dorico politics …

I feel a bit like the other animals in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”: “Pigs are more equal.” :sunglasses:

Sorry, I was being facetious. I don’t have any special knowledge that you don’t, and “soon” is none too helpful. :wink:

I have looked for this in D3. Did this make into the new version?