Draw midi velocity only for selection

Howdy folks, first post.
Try to keep it brief.

I’m on LE7 (i think), bought a later version but my projects are in LE or Elements so I’m sticking with it until bounce.

So I’ve got drum midi, and unfortunately a lot of this is all at linear velocity, 90 or so, and I’m painstakingly manually adjusting velocities. Lets just say I’ve got a bar of 16ths, with 16ths on the A1, B1 and C1 - I want to select all of the B1 16ths then using pencil tool draw the velocities as I would play them, but only affect those B1 notes.
Occassionally this works but more often than not all velocities are affected. My workarounds have been incredibly slow compared to being able to draw in my hihat velocities, quickly turn snare hits into ghosts etc etc.

I hope I’ve made this clear - I want to select one set of notes and when drawing the velocities in that window under the midi window, I only want the selected notes to be affected.

Hugely appreciate any advice here.

Thanks in advance

Hi and welcome,

Select the B1 note in the list of the Pitches. Then the Velocities of only that selected MIDI Notes is shown and you can use the draw tool as you wish.

Spectacular!! Hugely obliged Martin.

Also - that link in your signature is fantastic I’ve been wondering that for a while. Extremely useful information.