Drawing automation and Undoing it doesn't revert fader to original volume

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Set fader to 0dB
  2. Use draw tool to set an automation point for the volume. Any value except 0dB works for reproduction.
  3. Undo (Cmd/Ctrl + Z). Observe that the automation track is deactivated.
  4. Observe that the volume is still on the level the automation was drawn, not the volume it was before drawing.
  5. Try undoing in the mixer. Observe that makes no difference.

Expected result: Volume should revert to previous value when undoing automation, if not through regular Undo, at least Mixer Undo.

Actual Result: It doesn’t revert as expected.

This is a highly annoying bug. It’s not a problem for regular tracks, but since Group Tracks always show automation, it’s easy to accidently draw in the group tracks, and therefore loose the volume that was set before. This happens All. The. Time.

The only workaround is to lock all group tracks.


Yes, the entire automation system indeed requires improvement (fellow Cubase user here, but that’s the same).
From what I know, Steinberg acknowledges this issue.

Hopefully, features like clip gain, VCA limits, and automation enhancement will be included in C14. :pray:t2: :joy:

One of the only two aspects I prefer about PT is its automation: whenever you automate a fader, an automation point is created at the precise volume level. You can’t imagine how many mixes have been affected by this issue for me.
Now, once I have a static mix, I manually add automation points at the beginning and end of every cue for each track, group, and VCA.

I’m eagerly anticipating these improvements.