Drawing Drum patterns in the Midi Editor


Im trying to draw midi notes repeating while dragging the note to the right. For example, even if I have the quantize set at 1/16, it still draws the midi note as long as i drag it to the right. I would like to click and drag the note to the right and it automatically draws multiple notes at every 1/16. Hope you get what i’m trying to say. Kinda like holding down the note repeat button on an MPC. Thanks!


You must first draw a single note and while holding the mouse button down, drag to the right and additional notes will be drawn according to the quantize value set.

What happens when i do that is the midi note just stretches. it doesn’t draw new notes at the set quantize value. Now if I hold down alt, click on the note and drag to the right, it will duplicate the note but it will only do one and it drops it wherever I let the mouse go. At about 3:14 in the video below, you will see how this guy does it in fruity loops. I think you know exactly what i want to do but just in case. He draws the snare across. Thanks


Use the Drum Map Editor, which can be assigned via the Inspector.

You can use the line tool to draw multiple notes like that in the key editor.

The best way to do this is with the paint paint tool ( found in the line menu drop down)
Select a quiantize value
Click & drag curser to the right (or any other direction) - voila!

You will see a line but its actually a series of notes with no seperations

If you want to add a slight gap, turn the snap off, select the notes, then grab the right hand side so a double arrow shows and slightly drag

Aloha Z,
and tanx sooo much for the tip.

At first I found it to be a lil tricky to ‘paint’ in a straight
line and not to drift up or down.

But then I found that by holding down the ‘command’
key (mac) the ‘painting’ stays right where you start it.

Thanks again for the tip and a major Mahalo to you.

You can also draw in the first note with the pen tool and then hold down Control+D for a certain period of time to dublicate the note. For long repeats I like to hold Control+D for shorter repeats I like to just click it a couple of times.
When you hold down Control and turn your mouse wheel on a value in the info line, all the selected notes will get the same value instead of relatively changing there value. I do that in the gif to change the note lenght of all selected notes.


Cool stuff here guys, I didn’t know about using the linetool here!

BTW, slightly related: Does the AI knob work on the infoline for anyone?

Ctrl D also works in project window