Drawing dynamic in Part Editor- noise

First of all- as I’m new here- welcome everybody!
I’m writing hoping to get some help with a problem with Part Editor of the new Cubase.
Almost each time when trying to draw dynamics of audio event (with Draw tool), instead of music there is a terrible noise coming. Undoing that operation makes music sounding again. I work on big *.w64 files.
Does anybody else have such problem?


Which Cubase version, computer system, audio hardware do you have exactly ?

there is a terrible noise coming

Could you discribe this a little further ?



there is a terrible noise coming

Could you discribe this a little further ?


Cubase 6 Latest 6.0.3 64 bit
Sound: PreSonus FireStudio
Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K 3,3 GHz 6 MB cache s.1155
RAM: Kingston HyperX 2x4 GB DDR3-1600
1-Samsung HD103SJ 1 TB
2- Samsung HD103SJ 1 TB
3-Samsung HD501LJ 500 GB
4- WD 10EADS External USB Drive
Power: OCZ 600MXSP
Grafics: Intel HD Grafics Family
FireWire: PCI Via

I’ve just made some testing… It seems that noise comes when dynamic draw put at later parts of audio file, but I am not 100% sure.

Well, I’ve made some more research, using my older projects which worked well on previous computer and Cubase 5 32 bit/ Win XP.
Now, I have a new computer (configuration above) Windows 7 and Cubase 5 and 6(both 64bit). As I mainly record classical music, first I make a mixdown of the whole session and then, work on montage, using one big mixdown *.w64 file (a few or more Gb)
At my new system- both Cubase 5 and 6- applying volume curve with a pencil tool, turns all the audio after EXACTLY 3 hour 23 minutes (of file time) unusable. There is a terrible noise or- when insert plugin is on- just no audio at all.

OK. No feedback to my topic… So I’ll share my new experiences. I experimented with varied versions of Cubase trying to play the projects based on big *.w64 files. Only Cubase 5 32bit is capable of playing long projects! Any further versions just refuse to work with files bigger than aprr. 3 hours!! It seems that they have problems with disc access. Disc overload is shown and a noise comes instead of sound. The same fragments of my projects sound normally on Cubase 5 32bit. DOES IT MEAN CUBASE 5 64 bit and both Cubase 6 ARE “DOWNGRADE” TO 5 32bit??