Drawing Note Expression lagginess

Hello folks

Just started tweaking CC1 and CC11 etc for a composition using Hollywood Orchestra, and I notice that drawing in data in Note Expression is very laggy!
Drawing in the CC lane is pretty snappy but drawing in Note Expression is virtually impossible due to the lag.
Is there some setting I need to adjust?
I don’t recall any lag in Note Expression using Cubase 8.
Is there anything I can do about this?

Thanks very much

Anyone else noticed this?
Is there a solution?


Put your OS and other system info in your forum sig?

Good idea! Should’ve done so ages ago.


I have not noticed this.

Here’s a quick and very rough vid I made showing the lagginess…


Has anyone got any idea what I can do about this?

Thanks for the helpful video.

Strangely enough it’s absolutely smooth for me.

Hmmm, curious.
So it just seems to be me who has this problem then.
So what could be causing it?
Any suggestions of things I can try to solve this problem?


I could really use some help with this.
Does any one even have a vague idea about what I could try to improve this?
Is it a graphic driver thing? Is there a windows setting about graphics acceleration or redraw or something that could be relevant? Is there a setting within Cubase that affects this?


I have no idea. You could see if one of your cores’ CPU usage spikes (Ctrl+Shift+Esc) while doing it. Maybe the virtual instrument is receiving data while you are drawing, it acts on this and this costs all your cpu?

You could try if this also happens with different audio drivers. One alternative would be the Generic included driver or ASIO4ALL.

If it’s not CPU, then it might be related to your graphics driver. You could go to a different or older version for the time being.

Extreme options are going back to Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 and see if it works differently there.

(And of course, make sure you are on the 9.0.10 update.)

Thanks djw - it’s baffling.

It does seem as though the virtual instrument (PLAY) is receiving data, because as you can maybe hear in the video it is trying to feedback in realtime the sound, but it can’t keep up with the changing curve.

I have no idea what to do about this, especially as no-one else seems to have the problem.
I’ve already tried lots of graphics drivers - makes no difference.
I’ll try some different ASIO drivers, but since I have a Steinberg audio Interface it would be infuriating if their own driver was the root of the problem in Cubase.
I’m not quite at the stage where I want to rollback my operating system!

Thanks for your thoughts.

Any other ideas anyone?

This must be the problem then. Can you test if it’s fluid for other VST instruments?

I personally avoided PLAY (and iLok) after hearing bad things about it. :confused:

It’s the same with other VSTs so it’s not just PLAY (which unlike many I have never had any problems with).
So, when you draw a curve in Note Expression do you not hear the instrument sound as it tries to update to the new present point on the curve?

Actually, my instruments also sound when I use note expression but it has no lag. So that’s likely not it.