Drawing notes: How to set the velocity-level for notes at 127 by default?

Hey. Does anyone know how to make the velocity-levels in Cubase be automatically set at 127, when drawing notes in the key-editor?

The velocity-level when drawing notes in Cubase, is set at 100 by default. (And even if I drag the velocity-level all the way up to 127 on the notes that I have already drawn, it doesn’t affect the velocity-level of any new notes that I draw.)

Thanks for any help.


Right click on your toolbar. Then from the list, activate “insert velocity”.

You will see then at some place in the toolbar a quartern note with “100” next to it. From there you can control your insert velocity.

Another thing that may interest you, there exist keycommands for insert velocity presets. For example preset 1 could be 127, 2 100, 3 80, 4 64 etc etc, and you could switch betweem them with a key.

Thank you so much! Really appreciate it!