Drawing pitchbend on audio

I want to pitchbend a sample over time.

I know I could just load it into Kontakt and use the midi keyboard from there. But is there a way to draw in a pitch curve in a tool like VariAudio?

  1. Audio–> Process–> Pitch Shift–> click on the Envelope Tab
  2. You could also select the audio file in the Pool (Strg+P), activate “Musical Mode” and choose a tape style algorithm for the file. Now you can create a tempotrack and use this as an envelope to alter the audio in pitch and time.


wow you really do learn something new everyday!

I had considered the tempo track option but I’m working with video so it would make things a little difficult.

But i can’t believe I had never seen the envelope option before! thanks!

Is any way to do it like drawing an envelope in a realtime process?
It would be usefull for sound design, to sync stuff with video,
In nuendo maybe?

If you have a pitch shifting plugin then you could automate that in an automation lane. For example, sometimes I automate AutoTune to change pitches about - only to the nearest semitone this is though, but with a different pitch shifter you might be able to bend it smoothly.