Dreadbox Medusa Mpe support within Cubase

I have tried to connect this controller/synth [Dreadbox Medusa] before and the mapping was everywhere and only velocity sens. With the new update the default mapping is with middle C = C3 and the xyz function is apparently supported with DAWs. I am having trouble looking up how to manually map a mpe supported controller. I imagine it will be an arduous process. Are there any tutorials or threads for mapping an unsupported aka non app-based mpe controller?
Much thanks.

EDIT 1: There seems to be a velocity Lfo(?) where my presses are gated or after a time, 8 seconds, the pad will be halfed in velocity. The device’s midi channel out is set to MPE but even when I assign it a channel this gating is present. I have a midi cord going from the dreadbox to the midi in port on my audio interface. I tried it even with the Usb cord and it had this issue. I haven’t even touched anything in Cubase to interpret the midi. I also don’t really know what to look for in Cubase. :open_mouth:

EDIT 2: Polyend’s recent update promises better MPE Computer support. I’m gonna check it out see if its better.

EDIT 3: I am using note expression in Cubase, not sure what note expression numbers are. XYZ functionality is great, I set what they control on the note expression sidebar but usually Aftertouch controls volume, Pitchbend controls tuning or pitchbend depending on the instrument, and CC 74 (Brightness) is the “Y” Vertical function. The Sidecar variables reset after every instrument you load. THIS MYTH IS BUSTED.

Heres a pic of the Note Expression Input window: