Dreaded crash on close


I have read numerous amounts of posts regarding this issue, It started when I upgraded to windows 9.5 on a Win 10 machine, every time I closed down Cubase it would just hang. I would then have to go to Task Manager and force the close.

I have upgraded to the latest build and still the same thing happens, if anything its a little worse, I used to be able to load multiple projects but now its hanging with this process.

I looked into a post about the Rewire.dll from Abelton, I removed that, I maximised the back windows, I have read .dmps files, I have loaded blank projects, I have stripped back plugins, Disconnected all USB, updated to the latest Windows, Updated BIOS, chipset and USB…Still having the same issue,Very frustrating…

Any other suggestions I may be missing ?

Mine has a similar issue! I’m on Win 10 with Cubase 10. Except, for some reason now, I don’t have to use Task Manager to close it. It just hangs for a while and eventually closes. Very strange!

This has been a feature since version 5.

Any mods any suggestions ???

Maguire, I have only recently gotten the dreaded crash on close on my all fresh install of C9.5.4. Also have C10 but I can’t stand working in it…maybe in time. I had it (crash) once before and it ended up being from using the ipad Cubase Ic pro app, then another time it was from an early driver of my Nektar panorama. Found out IF I closed those two peripherals first I would not get crash on close. Now for this recent issue it is only happening on certain projects, and only of I work on those certain projects for a while. i.e. Not just open, playback song then close. I am thinking it is from a third party plugin, and I have my suspensions as to which it is. I will need to experiment with removing each one to see if i am right. Will be time consuming for sure so maybe I get lucky and narrow it down.

It’s usually a crapshoot once you get to around v010 of any project. My strategy is to kill the proc, open the last file, then save and exit right away. Worst case, you’ll have to use Open instead of Open Recent.
It’s not really a crash, it’s a hang.

Thanks for the helps guys,

I’ll have to keep digging deeper also,

For me the crash happens on opening a second project AFTER closing the first project. Only work around seems to close and reopen Cubase every time I open a new project. This didn’t happen in Cubase 9.5.21 but happens on 9.5.41 and 10.0.15

Thanks I will try that and see how it goes…

So what has worked for me and I have tried a lot of things and it seems to be doing the trick. I followed this Windows 10 Optimisation guide from the guys over at PreSonus. There was obvious conflicts as I was getting the dreaded hang on close.

Hopefully it helps other people out : https://support.presonus.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025279231-Optimizing-Your-Computer-for-Audio-Windows-10