Dream accessory for note input in Dorico

After reading about Dorico’s keyboard layout with note value selection on top, I came up with something like this :bulb: :


In my idea, the Fn buttons on top are customizable, and would be perfect for basic navigation, and note value selection

What do you think?

I imagine leaning back in my chair, entering all of my music without having to reach out for my computer keyboard :sunglasses:
I posted this as a suggestion on the CME forums, but obviously it isn’t very likely that it would happen :cry:

A silent 4 or 5 octave MIDI keyboard would be more practical. That’s what I use at the moment.

Since I touchtype both the main keyboard and on a 10 keypad layout, Once I map durations to the keypad I will use left hand for note values and right hand on the keypad for duration. I can whiz along in Sibelius and I’m sure I’ll be equally at home in Dorico in this regard.