Drebin - The Governor

Made and uploaded with Cubase :mrgreen:

Clip of a track that i’ll be putting out early next year. Enjoy


I think the production quality on it sounds fine. But I’m not a fan of putting audio clips from speaking in any form over music. If I want to hear a debate or a speaker I will do so. I just don’t think the combination of it works, however others may enjoy it.

The drums had enough variation to keep interest throughout but I felt it could have been filled out more with combining more instruments/synths, especially harmonically. The piano worked well for the first part and was switched out at the right time and while the bass in the last part sounds good it’s just too thick and modulated a sound to have a piano try and compliment it, at least with an individual melodic hook.

I assume where it ends you’ll be changing the notes and or rhythm of the bass part or it’ll become too repetitive and lose interest. At least in my head I’d like to hear it with some kind of automation doing that typical dubstep kind of fast syncing. I can’t remember what it’s called since it’s not something I’ve used. It can either be varied rhythmically and/or with different notes but keeping it repeating any longer than you have will become very stale. The bass could really be more prominent in the mix up to 1:32. It’s too quiet and there’s a lot of room for making a really interesting bass line to compliment the piano chords. Of course, these are just my opinions on what I think would make it sound better for me personally to listen to.

Good job so far, keep working at it, but in my opinion (especially for a commercial track) drop the audio clips of the speaker and have more instrument colour. I know it’s not that typical for these genres, but I’d also really like to hear it begin to dynamically build in both volume and layering as it progresses from the 2 minute point where you left it off.