Drift when using RX via DOP on multiple clips?

Hi guys,

I was working with some dialogue cleanup yesterday and noticed a strange bug a good 15mins into the film. The dialogue sent to me by the editor had multiple clips and I usually select them all together for sections and open up DOP to clean them using RX. After sending it back and applying, I initially noticed that the clips were shifting a bit and clicks were popping up. The clip handles were changing as well. When checking with the video, the dialogues were off-sync. Other than DOP, there were no other plugins on inserts anywhere in the project that could introduce latency.

The only solution I found was to render in place sections I wanted to clean up into 1 single file and then process in RX.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? I’m on Nuendo 10.2.

I do both: render in place first and then load into RX. Sometimes I select, as you describe, more than one clip to load and process, but rarely more then 3 or 4. How complicated edited are the clips you are selecting? Are they with Fades? Crossfades?


Yeah, Render in place then RX seems to work fine.

Well, I used to do only 3 or 4 clips on other projects, but then I started getting adventurous to save time and started pooling together maybe 10-15 clips and yes they include fades/crossfades. This is when I noticed the issue. Clicks started popping up and they slowly started drifting out of time.

That seems to be the limit then…With RX Plugs like Declicker, that do nor need loading into RX, rendering multiple clips works fine. Its only with what has to go through “RX connect”.


Could be that you’re experiencing the same problem I described this thread (without anybody acknowledging it officially, though):

[BUG] Freeze and Audio Mixdown cut the start of the exported audio file for the length of processing latency - Nuendo - Steinberg Forums

I know that I’ve had problems with clicks as well but that was with an earlier version of RX in Pro Tools. It appeared to me it didn’t properly respect fades etc on import into RX and thus I ended up with clicks. I think that was solved in a later version.

What version of RX are you on?