Driver for ZOOM L20 can't be load

Hello, My Cubase Artist 11 don’t load the driver of the audio interface Zoom L20. I load last firmware of Zoom, and last driver windows also… for the manufacturer ZOOM, compatibility awith Cubase Artist 11 sould be ok. Please, help me… Thank you… Pierre, FRANCE


Sorry, the Zoom drivers are not the best on the market. Try to use ASIO4ALL instead, please.

I have a L-20 as well as my rme interface. I use it for recording bands on location. The driver for the L-20 is a decent driver which I have had no problem with. It also supports windows 11. Using asio4all would be a very poor substitute. I actually use it in Cubase to record all the tracks across rather than pulling out the sd card. I’ll plug it in today and see if it still works.

The driver is OK… I just forget the switch “Class Compliant on ON” since my session with Cubasis on i-pad… Thank you

Just a thought. You haven’t moved the switch on the back have you as it has to be in the right position to use the L-20 as an audio interface

Ah that would do it.

Martin please don’t assume all Zoom drivers are bad. The L-20 drivers are quite good.

I agree, The Zoom L20 is an amazing device for remote recording, 16 very quiet trans[parent mic pres, decent driver, 6 independent stereo cue mixes with powerful head amps, redundant recording to an SD drive, etc.

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I’m sorry. My experience so far was, the driver wasn’t reliable and it has been crashing quite a lot. I hope it’s becoming better, now.

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