Driver samplerate settings UR44 jump back


Yesterday I installed my UR44 (love it!) but I noticed some strange behviour in Sonar X3.
When I set the samplerate in Sonar, let’s say 192 kHz and then I open the ASIO control panel to acces the Yamaha Steinberg driver I adjust the buffersize (say 128 but any) and then look at the samplerate under the tab ‘Steinberg’ it reads 44.1 kHz.

I then adjust this to 192 kHz (as this is also the setting I choose in Sonar) and I click OK and close the settings panel.

Now when I open the ASIO panel again and go to the Steinberg tab it is back at 44.1 kHz and this is always the case.

Has anyone noticed this behaviour, is it normal and/or what is the correlation between setting samplerate in your DAW (Sonar in my case) and in the driver settings from Steinberg?


Today I got a reply from Steinberg support that they cannot check this behaviour since they have no copy of Sonar X3. Although they adviced me to contact Cakewalk (which I will do) I have this strong sense they can’t provide me with an answer either since in general the culprit of these ‘issues’ lie with the driver - the hardware.

So I’m really looking for someone with the combo of Sonar/UR-44 or someone who has the same experience with another DAW.

Can anyone please help? If the combo isn’t working I need to file a request for driversupport or even return the audio interface if this combo doesn’t work properly…

Oh well…there could be one more thing you could try before doing all that, provided you have some sort of amp sim or similar kind of software…let’s say Guitar Rig 5 (but anything else will do). In this case GR lets you choose the sample rate (let’s go for 192kHz) and the buffer size (256 samples) straight from the ASIO little driver settings window. If the changes “stay” and you exited the program and they still are the same if you loaded GR again…then you know it’s NOT the driver…Now you can go and load Sonar and check the settings again
One more thing: I am not familiar with Sonar but maybe just maybe you have a version that could be limited to 44.1kHz/64 ?..dunno
My 0.02CAD (adjusted for inflation) anyway…

I’m an idiot… I failed to realise the samplesettings in Sonar are for ‘default’ new projects '-unlike in Live where you can alter rates within a project- so the ‘problem’ is solved.

Good to hear that(…that you figured it out ,that is…) and maybe just because of that you should give Cubase a shot one of these days. I’m sure they still have the 30 days free trial no limitations available! No such thing in Cubase for sure!
Rock on!

Tnx! I do have Cubasis on my iPad -which I really love- and I am attracted to Cubase. Yet the whole ‘dongle thing’ is a no-go for me. Will play with the free LE AI 7 version though.