Driver update for Mac Ventura?

Is there going to be one soon? I’m unable to use to UR44 currently. The driver is recognized and UR44 shows up in logic but no sound gets received even though I can hear it.

I think it has been updated for a while. Have you checked the Steinberg Support download page?

No I haven’t!! I’ll take a look for it !!

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Okay so yeah I’ve tried the most recent driver but for some reason , even though logic recognizes the interface , you can hear the audio but you can’t see it in the VU meter and it doesn’t record any audio

In that case it’s about your Logic routing.

Routing in what way??

My audio input and output are both set to UR44 and it also shows up in the Audio/Midi app on my MacBook. But logic won’t receive the signal.

What other routing can I do?

Sorry, I don’t use Logic, I don’t know the ins and outs. (pardon the pun)