Driver with Roland Keyboard

New user to Cubase 8 here.

Trying to get my Roland RD 300NX keyboard with a USB Midi cable connection to my Windows 7 computer and Logitech wireless USB headphones to cooperate with Cubase. Having problems with getting the right driver to work with all of this.

I would like to be able to record with my keyboard while being able to hear the click track generated by cubase with a low latency.

  1. Do I need to buy a seperate audio interface to do this? If so, which one is good? I don’t need to record voice or any other instruments, just the keyboard.

  2. If I don’t need to get an audio interface, which driver should I download?

I tried downloading and installing the Steinberg Yamaha USB driver but Cubase won’t let me load it. The driver I’m using is the ASIO4ALL v2 but I can’t get sound to output through my headphones. The only thing that happens is this really annoying load sound that comes through the headphones like every 5-10 seconds. But even if I could get sound, Cubase says the latency still seems to be too high even at 64 samples.

1-plug in your usb keyboard BEFORE starting cubase
2-16ms is fine for latency if you dont expect to do real time recording
otherwise it is adviseable to buy a proper interface as asio4all is really only good for testing purposes.
3-you cannot use “another driver” the only choice is asio4all or a dedicated soundcard/interface asio driver supplied with the hardware.

best of luck