Dromedary Camels

Played and recorded this in my basement with my best friends.
Kind of long keyboard and guitar solos will probably wear you out but we were having ourselves a little fun.

Keyboard solo was by John JT Thomas.


Liked it very much! Sax and bass sounds great, overall a good song. :smiley:

Really cool, love the jams! Great to record with friends,

Nice work. I thought the arrangement of the keys was quite tasteful throughout the track. Although the solo is long, I still enjoyed it and I like the way it comes back in with the guitar then vocals. The guitar solo at the end was nice too.

Good stuff!


Very unusual tune, strange and NICE!
is it dumble like amp or vst plugin? nice fat tone!

Thanks for listening. I played a 1964 strat direct into a
Goodsell 1x12 17 watt amp.

Classy…just classy…enjoyed the listen even though this is not my kinda stuff…I think you and kzarider are turning me round…Kevin

excellent stuff, love it.

Yes, very nice :sunglasses: Some of the chords on the electric piano were distorting (and not in the good way). Very imaginative and well thought-out piece :sunglasses: