Droneland 2 for Padshop Pro released on patchpool

As I’m currently working on an update for may Padshop Pro library Droneland (2), here are some fresh demos with new drone sounds.



Release of the update to be announced soon, right here:


Some more new PSP patches in Abyssal Drone Duet.



It was about time for expanding this collection of granular drone sounds:

For the first version of this library, I used 14 drone samples from my SoundPack Droneland and also made 9 new samples derived from electronic sources and field recordings. In 2017 this library was updated/extended to 42 presets, adding another 29 wav samples and 22 presets.

Many of these sounds are huge and deep tonal drones with a cinematic touch, but you‘ll also find some more experimental textures, atonal timbres and haunting tones. All patches have the modulation wheel assigned, many also use aftertouch or velocity as modulation source.

There are now 42 presets using 52 samples - 1.37 GB of audio samples (wav) produced in 48 Khz/24 Bit stereo. As the samples are not encrypted, they can be used in other sample players, granular synthesizers or directly in your DAW.

License holders of the first version of Droneland can update their license for € 8 EUR.


  • *42 Presets
    *1.37 GB of samples (wav/stereo/48 Khz/24 Bit)
    *Delivery: Download (RAR-archive in 2 parts for better download handling)
    *Library size in total: 1.37 GB (961.3 MB download)

You can view/download the PDF for Droneland with more details, the licence agreement and the patch list including playing tips and short descriptions for the controller assignments in each patch here.

Product page.

All demos were produced entirely with patches from Droneland 2 using only Padshop Pro. No post-processing was applied apart from a limiter on the master output.


Video playlist (to be extended)

Thanks for reading.

Improvising live on video with some patches from Droneland 2 (Titanic Drone, Air Drone, E-Bow Fragments), tweaking modulation wheel and aftertouch on the fly.


Improvising live on video with the patch Beauty Of Drones


Demonstrating the patch UFO Droner, video has some text descriptions embedded.


Sorry folks, I just noticed some wrong root note settings in some of the patches, I already sent out new presets to all Droneland 2 users. This happened shortly before the release, I had to fix some wrong sample paths and re-located the samples, that changed the root note settings of the samples which don’t have the root notes embedded (meta data) or where I had changed the root notes manually for creating split patches or transposing the sounds to a better playing range. Shit happens…

Demonstrating the patch Majestic Drone Mix from Droneland 2, some text descriptions concerning the assigned controllers are embedded in the video.


Droneland 2 and also my other two libraries for Padshop Pro Cosmic and Granular Worlds are discounted by 30% during the patchpool Black Friday sale. The PSP bundle is discounted by 20%.