drop down menu issues

SL7 Pro as ARA
Windows 10, Studio One 5,
43" not Multi-touch/pen tablet monitor
23" Multi-touch/pen tablet monitor

I open Studio One on the 43" screen and all is ok.
When I detach SL and move it to my 23" monitor I get the drop down menu issues. Edit, Elect, Layer …
The menu is cut off on the right so cannot see the shortcuts.
The drop down list is cut off on the bottom so not all the choices are available.
When scrolling up or down on the drop down menu the text disappear.

When I return SL to the 43" again the menu issues disappear.

Thanks for reporting. Will definitely look into that for the next patch.

Do you have a screen capture (or video capture) of that ? I couldn’t repro yet.

I use a couple of monitors. Usually I have the main DAW window open on the main monitor and I move SL7 over to the left monitor. All good. Then if I right click on one of the tool icons in SL7, the choices show up in a window back on the main monitor. Any way to have this small window show up on the same screen as SL7?

Not a big deal. But to have the little window with tool icon choices show up on the same screen as the SL7 window would be great. This might be a Windows thing.

images for issues

The black space is the bezel of both screens.

image of text being deleted as the mouse cursor moves up and down.
plus missing text to the right and bottom.

I’ve noticed this too, I have 3 monitors, drop down menus for tools appear on different screen to the spectralayers ara window.