Drop down menus

Just installed Cubase 8. How can I get the drop down menus to show on top of project window (as the did in 7.5) rather than at the top of mix console windown? I scoured preferences but nothing jumped out at me.

The drop-down menus are not really attached to any specific window anymore. Instead they are on their own separate menu bar. If you close your project but leave Cubase open you’ll see it sitting there all on its own. If you maximize any window on the display that main bar is on, this main bar looks like it is part of whatever window you just maximized.

This is an artifact of the recent badly implemented changes they made to windows management. Hopefully an update will give us a more traditional windows scheme.

In my case in Win7-64, sometimes the text doesn’t even appear on the upper “master” tab. You can still click it approximately where, for instance, “Files” would be, and it will drop down. BUT!!!, the “Steinberg Hub” dropdown will not respond at all. I had to assign a keyboard shortcut to steinberg hub just to be able to get it open again after closing a project. The alignment is off on the top menu bar, for one,so that you have to click the right side of “devices” or you’ll open the previous option. It would be great if they’d sort this beta-level bug quickly for this paid release.

I had my text size set to larger than default. Changing it back to default 100% solved the issue in getting the last toolbar dropdown to work. I can’t read anything on my screen anymore due to old age, but the menu bar works.

The color scheme on the menu bar is such that it’s hard to read menu items and project files. With all the amazingly powerful functions, how do they screw up the bar/text color scheme on the menu bar!